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An independent investigations agency.

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The Tell undertakes independent, ethical investigations. We specialise in public interest, integrity and social risk.

Our investigations help organisations get ahead of potential regulatory and reputational issues. We do this by assessing short and long-term risk in your operations and supply chains, or those of your competitors or industry. We get you the facts so you can maintain your social licence to operate.

The Tell also undertakes consortium-led investigations. Under this model, we work with diverse stakeholders with a shared interest in industry threats and opportunities, or risks to citizens and consumers.

Facts are powerful. As the community’s faith in institutions and authority has weakened, so the value of trust, transparency and authenticity has risen. Integrity is built on truth. That’s why an investigation by an arm’s-length agency with a code of ethics can enhance your credibility and accountability.

We are dedicated to pursuing the facts and their context with ethics and rigour. Using the methods of investigative journalism and public interest journalism, we are committed to honesty, fairness and independence in the way we operate and the investigations we lead.

The Tell’s founder, Gina McColl, formerly an award-winning Australian investigative journalist, is qualified as a government and private investigator.

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