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What we do

The social condition of your organisation is just as important as its financial condition. Your staff, suppliers and customers, along with changing community expectations, can all present hidden risks to your strategy and your reputation. And thus to your long-term success.

The Tell was formed to help organisations get ahead of these risks through independent, ethical investigations.

We look for vulnerabilities in your supply chain, staffing arrangements and operations, and changing expectations in your community. We love grey areas and complex information. Extracting coherent narratives from disparate sources is what we do best. Our investigative methods include market, industry, public record and database research, and overt and covert interviews and surveillance.

The Tell has also developed an innovative consortium-led model to fund and drive public interest investigations.

In this model, we work with affiliates and clients to identify pressing problems and emerging issues. These range from emerging public health and safety concerns to industry or enterprise probity and conduct.

Next we build a consortium of stakeholders with a shared interest in the issue and agreed investigative purpose. Consortium members can include businesses, not-for-profits, academics, think-tanks, law firms, unions, professional associations, philanthropists, peak bodies, regulators and media organisations.

Our consortium-driven investigations offer greater opportunities for intelligence gathering and resourcing. And because of their range of stakeholders, the results of these investigations have more authority and impact.